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Dazzling Cafe


SINGAPORE — The famed Taiwanese dessert franchise has teamed up with local renowned fashion streetwear label, SHANGHOOD​™ ​ , for a limited collaborative project of customised streetwear apparels. Dazzling Cafe has always been at the forefront of experimenting new creations that excite both the sight and taste buds. This time, the two-year old franchise is ambitious to revolutionize the Dazzling experience that is beyond dining.  By teaming up with Singapore-based streetwear label, SHANGHOOD​™ ​ , Dazzling Cafe wants to deliver a statement to cafe-goers and trendsetters that the brand envisions itself as an ambassador of fun and vivacity.  

“Being a young and innovative company, Dazzling Cafe is always open to exploring innovative ideas which we haven’t done before. By collaborating with SHANGHOOD​™ ​ , we desire to amalgamate the distinctive style of street fashion with Dazzling’s glamorous demeanor. This exciting collaboration introduces a refreshing product and experience for our trend-seeking consumers”, says Serene Tan, Executive Director of Savoury Creations.  

The collaboration will be a collection of ready-to-wear apparels focusing on paying homage to street fashion culture and encompasses elements of a modern lifestyle. The designs also anchor on an uplifting and inspirational theme – “​The Future is Dazzling​”.

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