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About Us






Birthed in Shanghai , Created in Singapore. 


Inspired by the neighbourhoods of Shanghai. 


Combining the fabulous city & its diversified neighbourhoods; ShangHood was born.


We have been at the forefront of Asia Street Culture with our high quality products & exclusive touch to our customer.


Because we believe what you wear defines who you are.


Like it or not, we all started our lives with friends from the same circle, more often than not, the friends who stayed

within the neighbourhood. These bonds were forged because of the close proximity of the friends.


The idea of SHANGHOOD™ was birthed when the founders were on a trip to Shanghai back in winter of 2014.

They wanted to create a streetwear label which would bring back the memories of your friends in the hood;

those late nights shenanigans, or just chilling with your buds. Why ShangHood? – perhaps because of the place

where the idea popped into their minds at that point in time, and also how it has that ring to it. A statement.


“As you grow up and start to pursue your careers, some would have moved out of their neighbourhoods or even

states & countries, but somehow you know the best memories were made when you were back in the hood.”


And because we at SHANGHOOD™ believe in that ideology that will carry on forever & ever...



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